Monday, April 23, 2012

facebook like button pop up - "post to facebook"

I implemented facebook like button.
First problem is following: when i click LIKE facebook button additional window pops up and and asks me if I want to post the article I read on facebook. What is bad about that is how this is presented. it seems that somehow it takes h1 tag that is "behind" it when it pops up. The content inside h1 tag is KATEGORIJE and that is displayed inside facebook pop up. I believe if you look at the picture it will be much more clearer

The second problem is that I defined facebook open graph meta tags but when I click I like the article I read in the pop up fb window I get: "you like 'ovdje ide naslov'"
i don't know from where I'm getting this. Can't find any line of code where I defined "ovdje ide naslov"

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