Friday, April 20, 2012

SharedLib dependency @ Mixed mode APK

  1. I am building a mixed mode Android project, the project is using the native ffmpeg

  2. The Libs are

    2.1. ->

    2.2. ->

    2.3. ->

  3. My Java code include the following JNI section to load the native libs:

    static {





  4. '' depends on '' AND NOT on ''.

  5. When running my activity  System.loadLibrary("avcodec"); excepts with "could not load needed library '' for '' (Library '' not found)"

  6. On my I have the following section to have the native libs added to the APK:

    include $(CLEAR_VARS)

    LOCAL_MODULE := mylib

    LOCAL_SRC_FILES := ../../../Android/ffmpeg/libavcodec/


  7. replacing with cause the build to fail with [LOCAL_SRC_FILES should point to a file ending with ".so"]

    Having the above in mind, how can have libavcodec loading w/o the dependency problem ?

    • Can I fix dependency to point to and not to ?

    • Can I change so it will be able to pack ( non .SO extention ).

      Any help will be appreciated!!!

      Nadav at Sophin

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