Thursday, April 19, 2012

Unattached git repository?

I have a folder running locally that contains a website. It runs on xampp on my computer quite happily. I know that has been hooked up to git in the past and I continue to add, commit and push my changes through the command line and it all works as all my other git repos do, except they update on my github dashboard online to show when they were last edited etc.

Problem is this one folder, Demo, isn't updating the supposedly connected repo on my github dashboard.. I've made loads of changes and I'm committing it to somehwere but it's not where I expected... its showing the most recent changes being over 4 months ago! Is there any way to easily reconnect the two? I dont' mind losing whatevers in the ghost repo showing on github but I can't lose anything on my local Demo folder. I'm happy enough on git to do the basics but if anything unexpected happens I get terrified I'm going to delete everything!

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