Monday, April 16, 2012

Java Stanford NLP: Part of Speech labels?

The Stanford NLP, demo'd here, gives an output like this:

Colorless/JJ green/JJ ideas/NNS sleep/VBP furiously/RB ./.

What do the Part of Speech tags mean? I am unable to find an official list. Is it Stanford's own system, or are they using universal tags? (What is JJ, for instance?)

Also, when I am iterating through the sentences, looking for nouns, for instance, I end up doing something like checking to see if the tag .contains('N'). This feels pretty weak. Is there a better way to programmatically search for a certain part of speech?

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  1. I know it is pretty old question but let me answer just for someone else reference.

    You can find the POS tags meaning from the resource

    JJ means Adjective.

    As of now I am also searching for a specific POS tag by traversing through the parse tree and searching for a specing POS using contains method of string class. If you find any other better solution please let me know :)