Monday, April 16, 2012

Which Java CLI library with currently active community is more feature-rich?

Main goal of this question is to create a table with easy-to-use, wide-spread (more or less) Java CLI libraries (and their features). So, if someone need such library, he could select one from this page, filtering table for required features.


  1. OpenSource libraries only.

  2. That's not the goal of this question to cover ALL existing CLI libraries. It's easier to select something useful if we don't add "almost dead" libraries with hard-to-find documentation. If you unsure about your CLI library, but proud of it's features and could describe why it's better then others, than add answer/comment with info. If answer/comment gets 10 upvotes, it's OK to add such library to table.

  3. Same applies to addition of features to table. If feature is not very useful and you are unsure - check with "10 upvotes" method.

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