Wednesday, May 16, 2012

C# Best way to store strings from an input file for manipulation and use?

I've got a file of blocks of strings, each which end with a certain keyword. I've currently got a stream reader setup which adds each line of the file to a list up until the end of the current block(line contains keyword indicating end of block).


Each block contains information e.g. Book bookName, Author AuthorName, Journal JournalName etc. So each block is hypothetically a single item (book, journal, conference etc)..

Now with around 50 or so blocks of information(items) i need some way to store the information so i can manipulate it and store each author(s), Title, pages etc. and know what information goes with what item etc.

While typing this I've come up with the idea of possibly storing each branch as an object of a class called 'Item', however with potentially several authors, I'm not sure how to achieve this, as i was thinking maybe using a counter to name a variable e.g.

int i = 0;
String Author[i] = "blahblah";

But as far as i know it's not allowed? So my question is basically what would be the simplest/easiest way to store each item so that i can manipulate the strings to store each item for use later.

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