Wednesday, May 16, 2012

rspec let method + loop

i am having trouble running my rspec examples in a loop.

  describe "GET all providers" do
let(:current_user) { Factory(:user) }

[:twitter, :facebook, :google_oauth2].each do |provider|
before :each do
sign_in current_user

request.env['devise.mapping'] = Devise.mappings[:user]
request.env["omniauth.auth"] = OmniAuth.config.add_mock provider, {
:uid => '123456789',
:info => {
:email =>

it 'should add the authorization' do
get provider # method to create the authorization
authorization = Authorization.where(:provider => request.env["omniauth.auth"][:provider], :uid => request.env["omniauth.auth"][:uid]).first
current_user.authorizations.should include authorization

currently these examples all pass. the problem though is that current_user is a new user instance through each iteration of the loop, despite memoizing the current_user method. so if i add a test for current_user.authorizations.count.should == 3 it fails.

this became less of needing to actually test it, and more understanding why it isnt behaving how i expect. shouldn't let(:current_user) { Factory(:user) } persist the same user instance across all examples?

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