Wednesday, May 16, 2012

check if dates are between date range in sql (check without year)

I am developing a holiday guide site!
I am using a MySQL database in which I store the information about hotels.
I have 4 date fields in order to store the 2 possible seasons that works each hotel (date_from, date_to, date_from_extra, date_to_extra). I store the dates in a format like this: DD/MM, for example: 25/12.

I am trying to check if the date1 of first datepicker of the site and the date2 of the second datepicker are between first range (date_from, date_to) or between second range (date_from_extra, date_to_extra) in the database.

The problem is that I don't use years in database date fields and is difficult to compare dates especially when the first or second season in database doesn't finish at the end of the year but it lasts more, for example (14/11 - 25/02).

Any help?
Thanks a lot!

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