Monday, May 14, 2012

Halftone Images In Python

I am working on a project that requires me to separate out each color in a CYMK image and generate a halftone image that will be printed on a special halftone printer. The method used is analogues to silk screening in that the process is almost identical. Take a photo and break out each color channel. Then produce a screen for the half tone. Each color screen must have it's screen skewed by 15-45 (adjustable) degrees. Dot size and LPI must be calculated from user configurable values to achieve different effects. This process I am told is used in silk screening but I have been unable to locate any information that explains CYMK halftoning. I find plenty for reducing to a single color and generating new print style b/w halftone image.

I would guess that I need to: 1. split the file into it's color channels. 2. generate a monochrome halftone image for that channel. 3. Skew the resultant halftone image by the number of degrees * channel number. Does anyone know if this is the correct approach?

Does anyone know of any existing python code for this? Or of any good explanations for this process or algorithms?

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