Monday, May 14, 2012

Using Loaders managing Cursors

I write an Android app and asking myself how to manage cursors. I know how to get data through a cursor back from the database. I don't want to handle the lifecycle of these cursors by myself.
For Android 2.x and below I used, according to the Android API, methods like managedQuery and startManagingCursor. These methods are now deprecated. Instead of these methods I should use the Loader class for example (CursorLoader). As far as I know CursorLoader must be backed by a ContentProvider. The Android SDK recommends ContentProvider only if I want to share my data. But I just want to write a simple app, where no data should be shared.
In all my research I just find tutorials about Loaders in combination with ContentProvider. The SDK says that I can also write my own Loader over the class AsyncTaskLoader. Does someone already have some experience how to implement such a Loader? Are there any best practices? Are there any good tuturials how to implement such a Loader?
Or is it just better to implement a ContentProvider, so I can use the CursorLoader (this means a lot of work for just having a managed cursor)?

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