Monday, May 14, 2012

Transmit data to client on specific page, based on SQL Server column or row update

I want to achieve something specific using ASP.NET and SQL Server. Let's for example that I have several pages, each one with each own identification (ie. id=1, id=5). Furthermore, let's assume that for each one of those id I have a row in the database:

for example:

Row 1:

id = 1

name = myname1

Row 2:

id = 2

name = myname2

What I want to do is that when the specific row or even a specific value in a column changes, it will trigger an event that can send a specific data to ONLY those clients that are visiting the page with a specific id that was changed.

for example: if row 1 column name changed from 'name1' to 'name2', and the ID of the primary key is 5, I want all those who visit the page with id=5 to recieve an event in the client side.

I want to prevent myself for developing a client code that will contentiously send requests to a webservice and query that specific row by id to see if it was update or a specific column value was changed.

I am developing my app using ASP.NET 4.5.


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